What stage is YOUR team in?




  • People have transitioned into/out of the team - we haven't had time to perform yet, everything is kind of new.

  • Consider asking about our New Team Formation or New Leaders Transition Services



  • The 'honeymoon is over'; things are getting real! - We are NOT productive, and we are not getting along)

  • Consider asking about our CORE Map for Teams and Goals, Roles & Process Services


  • We maintain the status quo - its stagnant, fine...ugh - We're productive-ish. We have learned to 'deal', kind of.

  • Consider asking about our Strategic Thinking/Planning and Team Building for CORE Performance Services


  • We are awesome! We know our goals, roles,  & processes. We have healthy conflict - and we are personal.  We ACTUAL trust each other! We get things DONE...a lot of things...DONE!  We are growing, and ready for more!

  • Consider asking about our Team Visioning, CORE Team Performance, and Retreat Services

Why Hire A CORE Facilitator?

No matter what your team stage - a highly skilled CORE facilitator is wearing many hats for YOU, allowing you the freedom to participate in your meeting.  The goal of ANY and ALL team development services is to take your group to the next stage of performance...together! 

Meetings can be a HUGE waste of time when you are not skilled AND talented at:

  • Observing team dynamics, especially what ISN't being said

  • Managing politics
  • Keeping the conversation on track to produce outcomes

  • Knowing how to redirect conversations with poise

  • Ensuring CLEAR written agreements - who will do what, when

  • Keeping USEFUL notes in real time .

  • Asking the elephant in the room questions


What I Facilitate:

  • Whole Team CORE Map Assessments

  • New Team Formation Meetings

  • New Leader Transition Meetings

  • Vision, Mission, Values Articulation Meetings

  • Strategic Thinking/Planning Meetings

  • Goal/Role/Process Mapping Meetings

  • Team Building Retreats

  • Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Training 


Destination Breakthrough offers team assessments, coaching and highly engaging workshops focused on leadership & communication styles and relationship management for the purpose of achieving organizational goals. 

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