Why take ANOTHER assessment?

       "I got more out of this 90 minute assessment, than 5 years of counseling!


  • 1-dimensional assessments are EASY TO FOOL, and most people fool... themselves!

According to Gallup, 57% of people in the US DO NOT assess accurately. Why?When taking an assessment do you ask...

  • How do I act at work? How should I be acting?

  • How do I act at home? Why is this different?

  • Why do I act yet another way, with friends?  

  • So, whats the truth - how I am at work, home, or with friends?!?!?! 


If you are like most people, 'tests' like DiSC, Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, etc. indicate 'some' information- but they don't tell the whole story. 


Learning 'why I do what I do' opens up a whole new perspective and cuts a knife between FACTS & TRUTH.

Get Answers like:

  • What your REAL energy drivers are & whether you ACTUALLY use them

  • What your TRUE positive and negative skills are and how they are helping OR hindering you

  • What your Emotional Intelligence looks like in your average day

  • What & WHY you are triggered into stress & how you cope (the good, the bad aaaand, the ugly)

  • What DRAINS you, even though you are SKILLED - just because you can, doens't mean you should

  • How to BACK OFF certain behaviors, to make room to develop others ​

CORE Map's 3 part assessment, has a 97.6% validity rating. 

The results are reliable- accurately assessing a person to support key decisions they are about to make.  This helps with career/hiring decisions, leadership development, on-boarding efforts, and training plans. 

Whether using this for yourself, employees, or candidates, the results in saved money and time will keep you off of the 'wrong' paths, and redirect focus to what will help you succeed!

How much time have you wasted on 'almost accurate' information?


CORE Multi - Awareness Profile (CORE Map)

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