Coaching CLIENTS

Dr. Matt & Laura Harris

Harris Family Chiropractic & Massage

"Kathy has played a significant part in our practice identifying, charting, and achieving our goals. With Destination Breakthrough, you will get help with accountability without being overbearing; honesty; date driven metrics; identifying clear goals; and no sugar coating realism. This month we are on pace to have one of our biggest months of collections in years, and additionally, a 23% increase in average monthly collections over the past three months compared to a year ago. If you listen to Kathy Schissler and implement her proven techniques, you will also achieve the success you have been searching for."

Matthew Woodward

Insurance Consultant for

"Destination Breakthrough has forever changed my business. As a business owner, learning how to work with yourself and with others around you is your greatest asset. Kathy, not only has the skillset to diagnose what’s standing in your way, but an unparalleled ability to guide you over, through and around those obstacles. Kathy is an absolute powerhouse and someone I unconditionally endorse to anyone who is looking to breakthrough their status quo."

Michele Beeson

Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS ID 761605 at Home Mortgage Alliance

"Kathy has enabled me to evolve my personal mortgage business to a new level. Sometimes you do not know what you don’t know. With the CORE map assessment we discovered where my weaknesses were and built a strategy for my business to be successful based on my strengths. In doing this I also discovered personal areas that I had no idea were in need of some TLC. I would recommend her to everyone!!" 



Brandon Campbell
Owner/Partner - Opfer, Campbell & Beck 

"As a business attorney I come across business owners and professionals who do not understand where they are, where they are going, or even what to be considering at this point in the life-cycle of their business. Kathy is well-trained and well-equipped to provide an in-depth overview, along with a comprehensive plan to help address goals, deficiencies, etc. Our business has utilized her services on multiple occasions, and we found they were most beneficial in helping us grow our team in a strategic and educated manner. I strongly recommend Kathy to any business owner."

Chrystal Huskey
CEO Event Integrity

"Our company team each took the CORE map with Kathy and even my toughest critic, when it comes to personal development, enjoyed it and understood the value. We were really able to understand each other a little better and it was so much deeper than any other test or coaching system I've ever used. Some of our team still actively works with her for one-on-one coaching and I know I will again in the future. You cannot purchase what she provides in a book. I highly recommend that entrepreneurs, those in leadership roles or those stuck in a rut to contact her, she'll change your life."

Cynthia M. Parker
Broker,RE/MAX Leaders

"Kathy she is larger than life. She has an authentic spirit that draws you to her.

Her aura, her laugh, is infectious. But when I met with her, I was blown away.
Within minutes, she dug so deep into my “why”, and my barriers to my breakthrough, that I knew I had to work with her

Tammy Charles, MBA
Senior Manager of Corporate Relations at Metropolitan Ministries

"Kathy is an incredible leadership coach who has played a major role in helping me map out my life and career. I met her while I was just starting out grad school at the University of Tampa, and she was assigned to me as my coach. I was struggling to determine where and how to start out my career in nonprofit. Through her sound and brilliant advice I was able to start my social enterprise, get an internship with a well-known foundation, and eventually be where I am today.. a Senior Manager at a well-known local nonprofit. Kathy's abilities to listen and effectively tailor her coaching and strategies to my unique situation is what makes her so amazing, and I am so glad I was to be a beneficiary of her amazing work"


Ted Caulkins

Us Health Advisor

I worked with Kathy on understanding how I can optimize my communication patterns with people who process differently than I do. This is a prerequisite to becoming a powerful leader & maximizing my EQ. Kathy opened doors to learning of myself both professionally and personally - truly beyond what I had anticipated, as I've done years of professional 360s & profiling before. Any entrepreneur or biz leader desiring to up your game by understanding both yourself and those you interact with, you MUST call Kathy at Destination Breakthrough. Kathy is gifted for this role!

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